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Hands-On Training with Greg Deitchler

Have You Ever Been So Inspired…

by someone that you felt like everything was possible?

Greg Deitchler is one of those people.

He’s a cancer survivor, entrepreneur, and motivational speaker who can’t wait to inspire your team!  His message will leave your group feeling more empowered than ever before, determined to take on any challenge and realize their dreams!

Gregory is a results-oriented professional and personal growth expert who provides tools to organizations, individuals, and families who want to learn how to tap into internal motivation and increase productivity with clarity of focus.

Greg’s vivacious personality and charm exudes passion and inspiration that captivates audiences and helps them to move forward in their endeavors.  With his inspiring background as a cancer survivor and his extensive education he not only inspires but educates his audiences.

Greg motivates people and inspirits them to take action. He’s worked with athletes and sport teams, giving public speeches, one-on-one advice on individual sports skills, and helped many individuals find success in sports or life. Greg’s results-oriented approach allows organizations or teams to learn what they need to do when they’re feeling stuck or unmotivated. His high energy personality and charisma captivates audiences who then enjoy the message he delivers because it inspires them to follow through with their endeavors. Reserve your spot today so you can experience his motivational spirit first hand!

Greg Deitchler Workshops

Certified Classes

Greg and Karen are certified in 3 marriage/premarital relationship education classes:

PREP (Prevention and Relationship Enhancement Program)

How To Avoid Falling in Love with a Jerk(ette)


Other Topics

Greg also speaks on:

Trauma & Attachment

Team Building (workplace, sports, etc.)


RAD (Reactive Attachment Disorder)

Motivational Speaking - overcoming obstacles, cancer, etc.


Behavioral Management

Chronic Health


Schools - Reality Town

Drive Your Own Carrot

Sports Team Motivational


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3061 S. Meridian Rd., Suite #100 Meridian, ID 83642

(208) 620-5399

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