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About Greg Deitchler

Boise, Idaho-based Gregory M. Deitchler graduated from Boise State University

Greg sees his ability as one great opportunity.

Greg M. Deitchler, a powerful motivational speaker and life coach, uses his knowledge of mental illness and training in health sciences to inspire audiences while empowering them at the same time.

His efforts have helped create lives that are even better than before. He understands what it means to live life without bounds; pushing oneself beyond any limits put up for self-preservation or advancement of others, constantly seeing new opportunities when we encounter unexpected hurdles–that’s how one becomes an achiever not just living ordinary lifestyles anymore. And through experience with low points both personally and professionally it is his mission to convey that message; sharing those words of wisdom for all seeking enlightening revelations about themselves which is possible through positive thinking everyday as you start your day off right–you’ll never know where this hope will take you once you decide nothing else will stop you from being your best because You can do anything.

Greg helps others discover more about themselves

Gregory M. Deitchler received his Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and a Minor in interpersonal communication and dispute resolution, earning himself a Master’s Degree in Counseling from Boise State University – the school he calls home.

Greg helps people understand complex problems when it comes to adolescent mental health, sports team motivation, team dynamics/group dynamics, and team building. Greg specializes in Non-Violent Crisis Intervention training and his teaching is vital for the success of today’s employees from all corners of industry; from manufacturing and retail to services. The knowledge gained at his workshops range from understanding the mechanics of teams and their cycles, conflict resolution strategies for businesses or individual needs for therapeutic intervention for those individuals who struggle daily with extreme emotions – such as depression or anxiety.


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3061 S. Meridian Rd., Suite #100 Meridian, ID 83642

(208) 620-5399

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3061 S. Meridian Rd., Suite #100 
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