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 Gregory M. Deitchler MA, L.M.F.T., L.P.C., C.S.C
3061 S. Meridian Rd. Suite 100 Meridian Id. 83642
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  • Marriage and Family Counseling
  • Adolescent Mental Health - Attachment Issues and At-Risk Youth
  • Mental Health - Individual and Family Counseling
  • Chronic Illness - Cancer, Diabetes, etc Indinidual support & Family Counseling
  • Sports Counseling - Individual and Team Development
  • Boise/Meridian Marriage Initiative - We have teamed up with Saint Alphonsus & Meridian Parks & Rec to provide low cost Marriage Education.


Greg & Karen Deitchler

Greg and Karen Deitchler started Promising Horizons to share thier passion for marriage with others. They were dating while Greg was in graduate school learning marriage and family counseling. They began at a young age to use valuable reaserched techniques to enhance thier marriage in many ways. They conduct seminars together to share these tools with others and help couples take their relationship to the next level.

"As you get around them and see thier passion for marriage you can't help but want to be better partners, and and want to share your love and excitement for each other."



Gregory M. Deitchler has been motivating and inspiring large and small audiences for nearly three decades. He combines an extensive education with his remarkable survival from cancer to motivate, inspire and educate his audiences. Because Greg believes with great passion that life is a gift that must be made the most of, he inspires others to live fuller lives and achieve their dreams.


Greg was named one of the State of Idaho’s top motivators by the Idaho Statesman and was inducted into the Associated Students of Boise State University Hall of Fame for Community Service.

Early in life Greg learned to turn setbacks into comebacks. After receiving successful pioneering cancer treatments that followed a bleak prognosis for his returned Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia, Greg’s purpose quickly became bigger than his own survival. He became a speaker and fundraiser for the American Cancer Society at the age of 10. Greg has enlightened others about the value of donating money to research-based treatments. Mr. Deitchler was instrumental in starting Camp Rainbow Gold, a camp for kids with cancer. As an extension of the camp, Greg founded the first teen support group for teens surviving cancer. Mr. Deitchler became the youngest person ever to be elected as the Vice President of the Local American Cancer Society at age 19. After attaining his education, he established Promising Horizons, a private clinical practice in marriage and family therapy and mental health, and traumatic illness.


Greg’s extensive list of speeches and workshops includes partnerships with local cities and hospitals to bring low cost marriage and relationship education to the masses. He has given presentations to Fortune 500 Companies, adoption, cancer, diabetes, mental health and developmental disability agencies as well as civic organizations.

In addition to his private practice he trains educators and educational officials on the complexity of issues in adolescent mental health, group dynamics, and team building. Greg is also certified to train in non-violent crisis intervention.

Gregory M. Deitchler received his Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology, a Minor in interpersonal communication and conflict resolution, and his Masters of Arts Degree in Counseling from Boise State University.